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Don't Hide Your 1NT Opener

Learn why it is so important to open 1NT when you have a balanced hand in your 1NT range.

Slam Bidding

Improve you slam bidding. Learn how to use slam try tools (splinter bids, control bids, quantitative invitations, pick-a-slam, pulling 3NT, and slow arrival) and slam safety checks (Blackwood, Gerber, Roman Key Card Blackwood, and control bids). Learn how to combine these tools to bid good slams.

Learning Points from The Common Game 3/18/24

David Loeb discusses his commentary on this afternoon's board 1 from The Common Game which featured a competitive auction between two powerful 2-suited hands.

David discusses the trick taking power of distributional hands, reverses, negative doubles, using a cue bid to show an invitational or better raise, giving your opponents the last guess, forcing passes, and how to make a slam try.

November 26, 2023
Bidding Practice on BBO

Learn how to setup a bidding practice table on BBO and tell the dealing program what kind of hands you want to practice.

In the comments to this post, we will share instructions to practice auctions discussed in our video lessons.

Please leave a comment if you need a dealer script which isn't in the comments below.


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Practice Hand 5
Loser on Loser Play

Improve your declarer play with our practice hands.  

Click here to practice your declarer play.2656013_8p3395r7vo2imnc_full.png

West leads the Queen against your 6 contract. How will you safely make your slam?

Use the green button to claim.

After finishing the hand, click the “Game review” button for our recommended line of play.


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Practice Hand 4
Loser on Loser Play

Improve your declarer play with our practice hands.  This practice hand is for Supporters who subscribe to the LoebBridge community.

Only for Supporters
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2/1 Game Force Lesson Series

Learn an easy, natural, and effective way to play 2/1 Game Force.  Newcomers and intermediate players can begin using 2/1 Game Force immediately.  Optional agreements provide tools for advanced and intermediate players to mitigate the weaknesses of 2/1 Game Force and to maximize the benefits of 2/1 Game Force.

  1. Introduction to 2/1 Game Force.  Overview of the benefits of 2/1 Game Force.  Why it is easier than Standard American.  How to make a 2/1 Game Force.  Rebids in 2/1 Auctions.
  2. Responding with Less than a Game Forcing Hand.  Learn the pros & cons of 1NT Forcing versus 1NT semi-forcing.  Learn how and when to use Invitational Jump Shifts.
  3. Choosing the Right Game.  How to right-side notrump auctions.  The best rebid structure after 1♥-2♣ and 1♠-2♣.
  4. Slam Bidding.  Learn how to use slam tries and slam safety checks to bid good slams. 
  5. The 1♦-2♣ 2/1 Game Force.  Opener's and responder's rebids.  How to find the right game.  How to right-side notrump contracts.  Assessing slam potential. 
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